What do you think the percentage of people surveyed said Michigan has good roads?  Before I tell you lets take a look at the facts.

1.  Michigan doesn't have excellent roads.

2.  Michigan doesn't have excellent roads.

Michigan is know as the "Pothole Capital" of the country. And according to an article in the Free Press, AAA says we are still looking at another 400 million dollars in road and bridge repairs.  The percentage of people surveys who said road conditions in Michigan are excellent is 2%.  Now you might say well its only 2% and I would say who in the hell are these 2% of people and where can I find them to take them for a ride?

Of the majority who's opinion is based in reality, there have been more solutions put forth like raising the gas tax again, create toll roads and create higher taxes on other segments to pay for the crumbling roads.  Let's spend the allotted 400 million first and see where we are.  For more on this story click HERE.