The #1 topic of discussion is, of course, the weather.  Another very popular topic is how long school kids will have to go to school to make up for all the snow days passed the allotted amount.  We're still in the middle of February and with climate change, who knows if the traditional months of the seasons have shifted.  We had a mild December which may mean winter could stretch into April.  Already, plans are being considered to alleviate the situation.

In a report on, State Rep Ben Frederick of Owosso thinks that school districts should not have to count closures that happen under a state of emergency as called by Governor Whitmere during the Polar Vortex.  In essence, the schools would be pardoned.  But wait.  Isn't there a quota whereby Michigan students must complete a predetermined number of days?  Has anyone taken into account the real reason kids go to school?  Ya know, to learn.  These and many more questions need to be answered.  Check out more of the story by clicking HERE.


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