The whole legalized marijuana situation continues to be as hazy as basement full of tokers.  How many cities will outlaw the sale of legal recreational marijuana?  When will we be able to purchase marijuana?  Right now you can only grow it or have it gifted.  When will shops be open to sell?  The list of questions gets longer and longer with relatively no answers to any of them.

An article on has raised another question from outside of Michigan.  Recently, a second grade teacher in Florida, who's been a registered medical marijuana patient was fired because any employee who tests positive for a controlled substance faces the consequences of the school drug-free zone policies.  In another case, a texas teacher who used marijuana while on vacation in Colorado, where marijuana is legal, disclosed it to the school, was put on leave and eventually resigned.  So then the question is posed: Will Kalamazoo teachers who have marijuana in there system found by testing but not under the influence while at work be subject to discipline under the controlled substance work policy?  Get more on the story from around the country by clicking HERE.



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