I must open with the fact that I'm not a marijuana user because, due to my fascination with the legalization process and the many stories I've done because of that fascination, many have assumed I'm a huge pothead.  That having been said, my fascination continues with the way the cities, counties and municipalities are reacting to the new law.  Perhaps, I was really naive thinking this would be a tremendous  revenue bonanza for the state and it's cities.  However, we're finding that the pushback has exceeded expectations.

In an article on wxyz.com, more than 250 communities have taken steps to ban the sale of legal recreational marijuana and now it's becoming clearer as to why.  There doesn't seem to have been much if any preparation in anticipation for the legalization which many if not all involved knew would take place.  It's like opening up an amusement park but none of the rides are ready.  Granted, many of the communities are issuing a "temporary" ban until things get worked out but why wasn't anything put in place?  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.


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