This Season is the final season for the Detroit Red Wings at The Joe Louis Arena.  My Wife and I decided to make the drive down to Detroit to see An Original Six match up between the Red Wings and The Boston Bruins

The game ended up being a shut out with the Bruins getting the 1-0 win.   It ended up being a horrible game, but the fact that I got to see this historic arena possibly one last time was worth it.

I don't know if its bad luck but each NHL game I've seen at The Joe has been on the losing end for the Wings two shut outs and an overtime loss.   I guess I'm bad luck.

Despite the losses for the Wings, I have enjoyed every visit I have made to this historic arena.    The chance to see my favorite team live.   The chance to say I have been in this arena.

One of my favorite things to see when there is the banners in the rafters.   To not only see one of the greatest players ever number hang from there in Gordie Howe, but to also say that I got to see the last two Captains play their whole careers in Detroit Steve Yzerman and Nick Lidstrom.

Another favorite memory of mine from the Joe is the one Monday Night Raw I had the chance to see live.   This one was from November of 2002 when "Stone Cold" Steve Austin teamed with The Rock to battle Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan The N.W.O.  It was just a dream match that I was fortunate enough to have seen live.

I am excited for the new arena but it was great to have been able to see some great events at the old barn.   Hopefully I will have another chance to see one last event there before its gone.