The Crown Vantage Paper Company, or the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company, as it was called when it was first opened in 1909, closed for good in 2001. The vacant buildings have sat, unused, concrete and steel giants sitting as quiet observers to the goings on of the city of Parchment for over 15 years. That's about to change. Recently, L.C. Howard bought up two sizable parcels of land as part of a redevelopment effort called River Reach Development Project that is looking to bring Parchment back to life... and this is only the beginning.

According to an article from Fox 17,

L.C. Howard wants to begin construction soon. And so does the city. He hopes that once the new developments are complete it’ll spur other development companies to want to buy and rebuild the other 70 acres.

Curious to see what the abandoned Crown Vantage Paper Company looks like?  Check out the video below...

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