OK.  OK.  I think we have come to the end of the line with all the unusually themed Advent calendars.  We told you about the Aldi "Wine" Advent calendar.  Then there was the Jack Daniels Advent calendar.  And who can forget the "Harry Potter" Advent calendar.  Obviously, the list can be endless but lets end it anyway.

Just when you think it could be ending comes the Advent calendar for your dog.  That's right, you can enjoy it with your pup but you have to "paws" (sorry) each day before moving on to the next.  And there's more than one.  Oh yes.  In fact there are 4 different Doggie Advent calendars to choose from.  Now, I'm certainly not going to get in the way of anyone's pursuit of happiness because it's far better than dressing your dog up for Christmas but I expect if you get the dog Advent calendar that little mutt will be wearing a Santa hat too.  Check out the selection and everything else that goes with it by clicking HERE.


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