I remember growing up going to St George Catholic Grade School in Kenosha, WI and getting one of those chocolate Advent calendars before Christmas.  Every day you opened a little door or tab on the calendar and ate the chocolate.  I'm sure there was something else I was supposed to learn but I really can't remember.

Now we're all grown up and, apparently, the chocolate has been changed to wine and we didn't have to be at a wedding for that to happen.  See what I did there?  According to our friends at simplemost.com, Aldi is bringing their Advent Wine Calendars to the Kalamazoo area.  In fact, they will be available at all locations for the first time.  Up until this year you could only get them in the U.K.  They're set to hit stores on November 7th and will cost $69.99.  Each calendar holds 24 mini bottles of various wines, one for each day in December before Christmas.  Check out the rest of the story including an upcoming cheese calendar and more by clicking HERE.


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