Life gets busy. It gets loud, and overwhelming... sometimes you gotta leave it all behind.

You can actually do that, without even leaving the state of Michigan, and REALLY disconnect with this unique Airbnb just outside of Bangor.

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"The Fisteris" (likely an homage to 1950s Cleveland radio host "Mad Daddy" Pete Myers) is an old pickers cabin with obviously creative features. At first glance, you wonder if it's even fit for someone to go into, let alone STAY in.

But I assure you, it is.

It's set on an organically grown blueberry farm, and the host of the Airbnb, Joseph has an incredible description for his isolated property.

"The curious will be rewarded. The Fisteris is not only a place to stay, it is an experience. Make it what you will, but keep an eye on the weather. It's as if the sky is promoting a different artist everyday. Wonder upon the twinkle of distant celestial bodies as shooting stars connect their dots. You and your mate can pull up to two steaming claw foot hot tubs, up against the full stalks of our 72-year-old field. No masseuse could compare."

That's quite the first impression... but after looking over this place, I can see what he means.

From the start, you park your vehicle at the front of the property, and load all your gear up into a 4x4 to drive out to the cabin. Once there, you have basic electricity, some running water, and that's about it. Wide open spaces.

The design of the building might have you thinking it could tip over at any minute, but it's assured, this building is safe and sound.

It's cozy, it's quiet, and by far the most special feature offered, is the claw-foot hot tub experience. Upon request, two tubs will be set up out in front of the cabin, and wood fires lit underneath for a rustic, relaxing experience you can't hardly get anywhere else.


And if you REALLY need a little bit of society, it's a short drive into Bangor for a good meal, and less than 30 minutes to Lake Michigan.

And this full removal from society will only cost you about $117 a night. The views (and the hot tubs alone) are worth that price.

Check out the gallery below, and ask yourself... would you love to stay here for a weekend?

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