Getting stuck in the snow is never fun. Getting stuck is on the snow on railroad tracks is downright terrifying. That's what happened to a driver in Bangor today (Jan 28).

In the midst of the worst weather of the winter (so far?), many side streets and unplowed lots became impassable. Watch as this minivan driving along M-43 in Bangor, missing the turn onto Railroad Street near the Bangor Elevator and wind up on the railroad tracks in the heart of town.

Luckily, the driver and two good Samaritans were able to free the vehicle in a few minutes.

The video was captured by AllWebInfused, a computer company that maintains a series of webcams around Southwest Michigan.

That Bangor crossing has seen some near missing like the driver who went around downed crossbars and nearly misses an oncoming Amtrak (like, dude, it's an Amtrak, they're what, 3 cars long - wait it out!)- watch that incident here.

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