We've certainly had our share of phone scams.  It's long list featuring the IRS, seniors, neighbor spoofing, smishing, Amazon, Fed Ex, and the military.  There was a scam that recorded you saying the word "yes" in order to confirm something you didn't even agree to.  Now, the latest scam takes that a step further and uses some sophisticated technology.

In an article on wlns.com, Federal officials are talking about advances in artificial intelligence and text-to-speech that have allowed researchers to create a near-perfect voice clone with less than a five second recording of a person’s voice.  The technology can be used in “grandparent scams,” where an elderly person receives a phone call supposedly from a grandchild in distress who needs cash.  It could also be used for phishing scams, where an employee is contacted by a superior and directed to immediately wire funds to a “vendor.”  So be on guard and make sure you watch what you say.

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