...and other misunderstood song lyrics...

Mike and I have this little game we like to play; singing the wrong lyrics to songs to get each other to laugh. Sitting here this afternoon listening to today's Side Order from Boston, I sang, loudly, "All I want is to have my piece of pie," and a coworker corrected me.  I snorted, "Duh, the song is called Peace of Mind," I just like singing the wrong lyrics. This person did not understand, which upset me greatly, because I am really funny.

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I think my all-time favorite misunderstood lyric is from Metallica's "The Unforgiven." Instead of "Never free, never me," I heard someone sing "Never free lemonade." Think about that for a minute. Someone thought James Hetfield was singing a song about lemonade. On top of that, my imagination settles on the image of two little kids behind a lemonade stand judging me.

How about you?  Favorite misunderstood lyrics?