Believe it or not, it's been over three-and-a-half years since AMC Theatre took over where our beloved Alamo Drafthouse used to stand. Gone were our pajama clad Saturday morning cartoons. The mantle of our much looked forward to Quote-Alongs would have to be screened elsewhere. The news crept up on our community. We wept. We dug our heels in. And now it seems that due to a combination of the pandemic and city-wide pouting, the AMC on Portage road has closed its doors for good.

This is just one of six AMC theatre locations that have closed nationwide, and it might be just the beginning. Theatres around the country have had to comply with social distancing recommendations, and as such have seen their capacities, and therefore their maximum returns, dwindled. Coupled with the fact that a lot of Americans don't feel comfortable, yet, being in an enclosed space with strangers, even if masks are worn, surfaces are regularly sanitized, and patrons remain six-feet apart.

A lot of our favorite theatres and restaurants are feeling the financial pinch of this pandemic. The only way we can ensure that they will be able to bounce back next year, is if we get involved right now. Buying gift certificates is a great way to help our local gems get the money injection they need now, without you have to risk your health and safety, and is incentive for your to visit when the coast is clear.

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