Ultimately it's brick, mortar, glass and neon, but In it's short three year run, the Alamo Drafthouse developed an intensely loyal following. And that fan base has been quick to share it sadness and disappointment at the news that the theatre complex is closing April 3rd.
Some of the comments on Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo's Facebook page were disbelief, like this post from Kris Allemang Stahl "No no no no!!!!!!! Why?! You are my favorite theater! Why why why?!!!?!?"

Amy Sherman wrote: " this is sad. This is a great place to go and have dinner and a movie"

Paul Miller was a big fan: Man, I just want you to know that I trek 60 miles one way to see movies at your theatre any chance I get with a family of five. Nobody does movies better and I am truly sad about your departure. Will there be an end party?

Ashley Howard echoed the sentiments of many: "Best theater around"

And Michael McCue expressed anger. "Well, No need to go to Kalamazoo anymore. Unfortunately."

Mike Hess thoughts were on the bigger community loss. "What??? This is the best theater I have ever between to. You're engaged in our community, and you've had terrific events. This is a massive loss."

Jennifer Grunder echoed those sentiments. "This makes me so sad. This is our favorite place to see movies. Our favorites are the old movies and sing alongs"

The overall reaction has been intense, almost 900 posts alone in the first three hours of the news, with many posts bordering on grief. And the number of posts from fans of the theatre who regularly drive over an hour (A couple of posters said they drove from Chicago and Toledo) showcases the passion and loyalty many have for the Alamo.

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