COVID-19 has caused an ammunition shortage unlike anything gun enthusiasts have seen in other shortages.

l'm a hunter and own a few guns and by no means am I considered a gun guy because I mostly bow hunt and rarely ever target shoot with any of my guns unless its to check a scope or a shot pattern. I have boxes of shells that I have used for years and rarely ever purchase new ammunition.

I will admit a few gun stores have closed because of COVID-19 and I regret going and picking up a few extra boxes because of the savings but still, I'm not one to hoard ammunition.

Now I have some buddies who stockpile ammunition like they are going to war or something but none the less, in my book, to each their own.

Usually around every election there is a ammunition shortage but I'm not sure that this is much of a shortage or a ploy by the folks that make ammunition to make more money. I mean come on, who benefits more during an ammunition shortage than the people who make the bullets in the first place.

All hunters and folks that love their guns have seen these ammunition shortages before but nothing like we are seeing now since COVID-19 has come into play.

According to WOOD, South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance Executive Director Brian Phelps said, "we try to sell ammo, but that's been a challenge in 2020. It's very, very hard to find ammo."

Many gun ranges are not limiting the amount of ammo you can purchase in order to have enough on the shelves for other customers to purchase as well.

Many gun stores have representatives scouring the internet and manufactures in order to pounce on the ammo once it is available to purchase.

Another problem businesses who do sell ammo have is, when they do find ammo available the price has nearly tripled if not more in some cases and then that cost gets put on to the consumer.

If you think its hard to find alcohol wipes, toilet paper and lysol, try finding a box of 9mm rounds and if and when you do, try not to have a heart attack once you find out how much they want you to pay for the box. Many people have been hoarding ammo like others have been hoarding cleaning products.

You can still get plenty of shotgun rounds but bullets for handguns and long rifles are getting more and more difficult to locate and it's only going to get worse.

Another problem for ammo manufacturers is finding the parts to make the ammo. Primers are backordered for an entire year.

My suggestion is, every time you are out shopping and are concerned about making sure you have enough ammo, pass by the ammo isle or visit a few gun stores and pick up a box or two of anything you use often, but also be prepared to pay much more than usual for the product.

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