Remember the days when all the seasons were consistent year after year?  Sure we had some tough Winters and hotter than expected Summers now and then but nothing out of the ordinary.  We didn't seem to be surprised or astounded by what's happening each and every quarter.  The talk of "extreme weather" a few years ago was just  Now, however, we are certainly seeing some actual extremes on a daily and seasonal basis.  Or is it, as some say, just the cycle of weather life?

Last week we learned about the "Omega Block" which you can checkout below and before that the prediction that we could end up with just 2 seasons-Winter and Summer.  Now, according to an article on, there's a new phenomenon called "Ring Of Fire" that could dominate our weather.  Basically, the prediction is for numerous smaller but intense storms becoming the norm.  Get more details by clicking HERE.


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