What a year it's been for extreme weather and were not even at the half way mark!  We started with the Polar Vortex then a cold and very wet Spring which leads us to believe that climate change will deliver extremes if the current pattern continues.  Right now the record rainfall has farmers behind on planting and lakes and rivers at record high levels including Lake Michigan causing shore erosion.  So what's the next prediction?  I'll give you 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count.

According to an article on fox17online.com, something called the "Omega Block" could be bringing just the opposite of what we've had; a long, dry stretch of weather starting this week.  Basically, large spans of high pressure will dominate the U.S. which makes things difficult for rain to form.  This does not mean extreme, "dust-bowl" drought but certainly less than normal precipitation.  Check out the forecast in detail by clicking HERE.



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