And just in time for National Hot Dog Day!

Doctors in Switzerland apparently have a lot of free time, because instead of treating patients, they're finding out what makes for an attractive wee-wee.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, here are eight factors women came up with to determine an attractive penis:

1.  "General cosmetic appearance."  In other words, does it look normal?  Does it have a crazy curve?  Is it circumcised or not, depending on her preference?

2.  Well-groomed hair.

3.  Girth.

4.  Nice looking skin.

5.  The shape of the head.

6.  Length.  Yes, length only came in sixth.

7.  The appearance of the testes.

8.  The position and shape of the urethra

(List taken from The Complete Sheet)

God bless the Swiss, right?

I'd like to think that I scored perfect on these eight criteria, but who am I kidding; I'm Jewish.  I'm sure my editor and her intern are having a field day with this...

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