It's no secret that Ribfest is one of my favorite events of the year.  Cold beer, great rock n' roll, and of course, ribs!  Now, I'm Jewish, and I'm not supposed to eat pork, but let me tell you something, I'm a bigger rib fanatic than anyone else out there.  In fact, Jews love to eat ribs for Shabbos dinner.

Last year (like I do every year), I was making a big deal about Ribfest, joking that Ribfest is like Jewish Christmas, because if there's anyone in town who knows a thing or two about ribs, it's the Jew.  Well, apparently this offended someone.  How can a Jew eating ribs, jokingly calling Ribfest Jewish Christmas, be offensive to a non-Jew?  Well, it was.

I offended someone.  Surprise, surprise.

The best part, was said person I offended didn't have the balls to email me to complain, instead, this person emails Mike a long email about how offensive my "Jewish Christmas" comment was and that pork is not kosher, and Jews aren't supposed to be eating pork.

After Mike reads me this long winded email, I ask him if he responded, and Mike says, "yeah, I said 'sir, Ramone is Jewish and his comments were a joke.'"

I would have said, "sir, I have an extra sense of humor.  I'll leave it for you at the front desk."

So, with that being said...JEWISH CHRISTMAS STARTS IN TWO DAYS!!

Bon appetit, bitches.

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