Some people deal with stress one pint at a time; Johnny Walker or Ben & Jerry, we're not here to judge. You might be surprised to find out that ice cream shops are as "essential" as liquor stores under Michigan's "Stay at home" declaration.

Comfort food comes in all shapes and sizes, and flavors: vanilla, chocolate, cookies & cream, mint chocolate chip, rocky road, blue moon... While it's easy to see why Michigan restaurants are allowed to continue operating under the "Stay home, stay safe" guidelines, you might wonder about ice cream shops. The question came up in my home town of Holland, and here's what they say:

In Michigan, there is not a specific definition of “restaurant.” ...Instead, there are definitions of “food establishments” and “food service establishments”. Restaurants are categorized in the definition of food service establishments along with cafeterias, delis, sandwich shops, coffeehouses, bars and any other facility offering food or beverage for service to the public.

-Ottawa County COVID-19 press release

So, ice cream parlors are classified under the same license as a "normal" restaurant, so the same rules apply to all. Just don't call it an ice cream social.

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