I don't know about you but I really like popcorn.  To be completely honest, the only thing I like more about popcorn than eating it is the smell of popcorn popping.  It's as American as apple pie, baseball and hotdogs.  And what would a movie in the theater be like without it.  Well, we may be finding out sooner than we think.

According to United Press International, there is a chance we could run out completely but there's a better chance we'll be paying a lot more for it.  As has already been documented this year, the tremendous amount of rain we had in the spring delayed the planting of crops.  Corn was one of those crops and so was popping corn.  That's right!  This is another type of corn grown just for popcorn.  In fact, processors estimate that 30-40 percent of the crop never got planted and what did is grew poorly.  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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