Being a football fan in the state of Michigan is not easy. When it comes to the NFL the Detroit Lions are really good at getting your hopes up and finding a new way of letting you down each week.

I recently was able to move back home to the Mitten state after being gone for 7 years and one thing I've been enjoying is watching Michigan and Michigan state win each week and at the time of this article both being undefeated heading into a major matchup on October 30th in Lansing at Spartan Stadium

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Then today I saw the disappointing news about when the game started.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! is what I thought when I first found out.

I know most college games kick off at noon but we're talking about one of the biggest college sports rivalries in The Big 10. And with both teams being undefeated the game has even more on the line, which leads me to think it's gotta be a late-night match up but you know what happens what you assume something.

Turns out the late-night game on October 30th will be Ohio State vs. Penn State
What a waste of a prime time TV slot

Regardless of what time the game kicks off I just hope we see a great finish like we did in 2015.
Yes I'm a Spartan Fan, Go Green! Go White!

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