Summer travel is over, but before you know it, holiday travel will be picking back up for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year, The Vacationer put out a list of some of the worst cities to travel to, or through, and amazingly, not only does Michigan have a city on the list, but it's the TOP listed city to avoid when traveling.

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The Vacationer selected cities for their list based on population size, and visitor popularity, and found a nice selection of 34 major cities across the country. Then, they asked Americans which of those cities they would avoid traveling to at all costs.

Surprisingly, topping the list is our own Detroit, Michigan. A whopping 22.5% of people said they would avoid traveling to Detroit at all costs. So nearly a quarter of American travelers would do ANYTHING not to travel through the Motor City.

Detroit Michigan, Canva
Detroit Michigan, Canva

And based on a recent census, that percentage represents 58 million people in the country. 

It can be a difficult city to travel through for sure, since there is no "east" escape, unless you're going into Canada. But it is strange that Detroit topped the list since I've never had any difficulties at their airports, or on the roads when traveling through.

Other cities To Avoid Traveling Through

Right behind Detroit is another Midwest City in Chicago, and similarly, there is not "east" escape from the city. You go any further east, and you'll drive into Lake Michigan.

But traveling through to get to Milwaukee or Green Bay, Wisconsin makes sense, since Chicago is VERY densely populated, and traffic can easily get backed up on major highways through town.

Chicago, Illinois, Canva
Chicago, Illinois, Canva

It might be why 21.7 percent of the population says avoid traveling through Chicago like the plague.

Detroit and Chicago alone account for nearly half of the votes for cities to avoid. Right behind Chicago is Atlanta, Georgia at 18.4%, and rounding out the rest of the Top 5 Cities to Avoid Traveling To or Through is New York City, and Baltimore, Md.

Now personally, I've never been to New York or Maryland, but CAN CONFIRM, that Atlanta is an awful city to try and travel through, both on the ground, and through the air.

I swear, every single flight in America has a layover in Atlanta.

See the full Top-10 list of cities to avoid traveling to below.

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