The B.O.B. in Downtown Grand Rapids has been closed since November of last year, so basically what feels like forever. But thankfully, the big old building is reopening next week... well, some parts.

The 5-floor venue announced they'd be opening some of their restaurants and entertainment venues on Wednesday, March 24, including their nightclub Eve. They said more information will be provided next week but for now customers can look forward to the following places reopening:


Their pizza restaurant will be holding happy hour every Wednesday & Thursday from 5p-7p with weekly food and drink specials. Every Thursday, customers will also be able to enjoy free billiards from 5p-11p.


The nightclub has been shut down since the start of the pandemic but will be open again for those who miss dancing. The club will be open every Friday & Saturday 8p-11p with drink specials in that first hour.


This one is a personal favorite of mine at the B.O.B! The restaurant on the first floor will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 4p-10p with craft beer specials all night every Thursday. Keep a look out for their full menu soon.


Live entertainment at HOME is still a no-go for now with details coming soon, but the bar will be open for service on Friday & Saturday from 7p to 10:30 p.m.


Time to get fancy! The steakhouse is also reopening on Wednesday and will have hours of 5p-10p every Wednesday to Saturday.

Containment (the outdoor bar), Bob's Brewery, and the comedy club Dr. Grin's will not be reopening on Wednesday but according to the website they'll be "opening soon." This is great news because it's been way too long since I've enjoyed a comedy show.

The BOB also shared that, with the exception of Eve, they won't have a cover charge on the weekends. You can stay-up-to-date on their upcoming opening on their website.

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Back in November it was revealed that The B.O.B. and 20 Monroe Live are both for sale by the Gilmore Collection with a $15.5 million and $16.5 million price tag, respectively.

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