A woman who was allegedly passing by the Eastern & Burton Little Caesars in Grand Rapids claims to have spoken to someone who claimed they most recently a manager of the location, until quitting. The alleged former employee made some pretty serious claims against his alleged former employer.

According to the woman's Facebook post, the kid was saying the location is infested with cockroaches and he tried to get them to address the matter, which didn't happen:

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There is a guy standing outside the eastern and Burton little Caesars with a sign saying he quit because of the roaches that they aren’t taking care of. His name is Alex and he was the assistant manager before he quit this weekend. He told me the roaches are so bad they were crawling up his leg while he was cooking!!!!! He contacted the health department numerous times and they’ve refused to take action so he quit and now they are refusing to pay him smfh! He also told me that there emergency exit door in the back of the building to be utilized for fires etc. is bolted shut and unusable which is a huge safety concern.
This could always be the actions of a disgruntled employee which is why we always want to wait and hear from the business regarding situations like this.

As of now, the particular Little Caesars location hasn't offered a statement nor has there been any confirmation about why the alleged employee quit from the employers. There are always two sides to a story, so until we know where the company stands, we'll have to slice this story as incomplete.

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