It started with a pink cooler, a six pack of beer and a single floral arrangement. A Saugatuck flower shop with a creative name is delivering happiness.

Before the only answer was "famous," kids had a lot of dreams of what they wanted to be when they grew up: an astronaut, a scientist, an explorer, a teacher, a professional athlete, a doctor, President of the United States, a veterinarian, a singer, a soldier...

Ever since she was 13, Jeanne Smiczek knew she wanted to be a florist. In 2010, thirty-four years later, her dream came true when she opened Back to the Fuchsia in Saugatuck. A full service florist, Back to the Fuchsia strives to be creative and set themselves apart. Unique flowers, greens, fillers and containers create their signature style. They accessorize weddings, offer plants, gift baskets, and daily deliveries all along the lakeshore.

The name certainly sets this place apart. I can't help but think of "Calvin" and his purple underwear. If he had brought his mom flowers, he wouldn't even be here. (Time travel is weird like that.) Obviously, the only way this place could be better is is they had a DeLorean for a delivery vehicle or made sure every order ended in 88 cents.

That would be...heavy.

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5 Best Reasons to Send Flowers

  1. To express your love
  2. To make someone smile
  3. To apologize
  4. To show sympathy
  5. To show kindness

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