Last year we gave you a look at the FINALLY re-opened Saugatuck Kalamazoo location in their new downtown spot right on Michigan Avenue. The place had an old-school bar appeal with an area you could put eyes on the actual brewing process in the back. They had incredible food, and plenty of space for guests to come in, enjoy a nice dinner, and put down a few of their signature beers.

But soon, Saugatuck Kalamazoo will look, and sound MUCH different on the inside, as they are claiming some big changes will kick in beginning April 1.

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Saugatuck Kalamazoo announced on their social medias this week that they would be changing their layout on the inside, and clearing most of those tables and chairs for many arcade games.

"We're embarking on an exciting new journey to transform our space into a fun and inclusive evening hangout spot right in the heart of downtown."

Starting April 1st, they will have new hours, which you can find on their social media accounts, and website, but they also listed a number of new games that they'll be adding to the venue, that make it more resemble an arcade and bar than a brewery and restaurant.

The list of confirmed new games include:

  • Pool
  • Skee Ball
  • Golden Tee Golf
  • Buckhunter
  • Retro Racoons
  • Boxer
  • Pinball
Saugatuck Brewing Kalamazoo Rebranding Arcade

The restaurant also says, despite the changes, they still welcome families and other parties to enjoy a good meal in the dining area, as well as their signature beers.

Questions in the comments section asked about their mug club, which Saugatuck confirmed would be moving to a new day, but all membership benefits will still be honored.

Others rightfully asked if this was an April Fool's setup, since the changes to into effect on April 1st. But, Saugatuck's official page assures patrons that this is not a joke, and they will 100% be shifting their model to include more games and atmosphere conducive to a bar crowd moving forward.

You can see what the brewery and restaurant looked like when it finally opened exactly a year ago in the gallery below.

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