Even the best restaurants get terrible reviews. We looked at ten of the top-rated restaurants in Kalamazoo and what it is that people hated most about them.

There is something seriously wrong in Kalamazoo with the aggressive, egomaniacal restauranteurs

People love to complain. Sometimes a staff member may be having a bad day. Sometimes, it’s not about the product, experience or service that the reviewer purchased, it’s about them. We took a look at the top-rated restaurants in Kalamazoo- these are the places that everyone loves (well, not everyone), and read the one-star reviews. Check out these quotes from worst ratings of the best Kalamazoo five star restaurants- typo’s and all.

Note: we're not going to name names. By most accounts, these are the best restaurants in Kalamazoo. As you know, you can't please all of the people all of the time. All reviews were published on TripAdvisor, you can dig in there for more.

One Star Reviews of Five Star Kalamazoo Restaurants

  • "This is the place for you, if you like horrible atmosphere, nowhere to sit, and over priced beer and wine"
  • "The only good service we got was from the guy taking our name"
  • "I felt like we had been robbed! Spent a fortune on a raw hamburger and a chicken sandwich"
  • "I love salt but you should take a diuretic prior to visiting this restaurant"
  • "They have failen prey to total mid west mediocrity"
  • "I saw a Sysco truck unloading their “farm to table food” what a joke! Never going back!"
  • “All around unpleasant dining experience and wouldn't recommend it to anybody”
  • "They even screwed up the grilled cheese!"
  • "Kalamazoo's premiere location for parents to get drunk and ignore their badly behaved children"
  • "Not only woud I stay out of this hole, but I would try to avoid the whoe town as well"

Hopefully, your experiences at the best restaurants in town have been better.

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