During the Major League Baseball off season there was a lot of talk about changing the rule on an intentional walk.  It looks like that change is now official.

According to CBS Sports,  MLB and the MLB players association announced rule changes for the upcoming season.  One of those rules is the change to intentional walks.

Instead of the pitcher throwing four balls to a hitter, the manager will signal the umpire and the hitter will be allowed first base.

I have mixed feelings on this change.   I love the history of the intentional walk and still think that pitching four balls to the hitter should be done.   You could have wild pitches or the pitcher hits the batter.  It could impact the score of a game.

As for the rule change,  it is set to speed up the game which I also think is a good idea.     I guess I will have to see how this new rule works in a game to see if I like the change.

The other rules that were announced have to do with replay, markers on the field that would create reference system for fielders and pitchers can't take a 2nd step towards home or reset pivot foot during delivery.

What do you think like the new intentional walk rule or do you want the old rule to stay?





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