I know I am probably going to get roasted for talking about Christmas when we haven’t even gotten into fall yet, but it’s never too early to be prepared for the holidays because once it shows up, we are all going to be super busy.

This is why the city of Battle Creek has already announced the date for the Christmas parade to be held in downtown Battle Creek. on Saturday, November 18 the Christmas lights will be up and on full display as the city recently made the announcement:
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Please note, this is the official event page. Any other events you may see with different times, are usually for groups participating in or attending the parade and indicate the meet-up times for that particular group. The parade kicks off at the corner of Washington Avenue and Champion Street at approximately 5:30 pm.
Follow “Battle Creek Christmas Parade” on Facebook for all official parade updates and announcements including the exact parade route through downtown Battle Creek, MI.
As of the date of publishing this article, Kalamazoo has not announced when their Holiday parade will take place, but as we get closer to Fall, they'll be announcing it and we'll have the updated date and location.

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