You may have read about Nathan Klein's exploits on this site before. The Battle Creek man enjoys travel and competitive eating challenges. And this summer he headed for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This might read like one of those back-to-school compositions teachers would assign on the first day of school: "What I did on my summer vacation".

Wrote Klein on Facebook:

"I recently made another trip to the UP to attempt more food challenges in the area. My first stop was to try and take down the Lucchesi Burger at The Hut in Calumet. You have only 30 minutes to finish a five-pound burger on two feet of French bread. If completed, the meal is free and you go on a plaque in the restaurant. Since 1988, only two people have ever completed the challenge. You can make that three now."

That was day 1. On to day two, when Klein headed to Wakefield, and Den-O's Sports Bar for the Smashburger challenge: "two burger patties, some veggies, onion rings, pulled pork (delicious), cheese, cheese curds, and a side of tots." In Klein's words, you get twenty minutes to get the meal free and an awesome shirt. This one was delicious, and now has a new record time."

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Klein's last stop was in Channing at Midtown Bait and Tackle. For eleven years the challenge has been 24 scoops of ice cream, with gummy worms, and piece of cheese cake, a piece of pie, plus toppings. In spite of it being served in an authentic bait bucket, Klein said this one was delicious. And this challenge is no longer undefeated.

And this was Nathan's trip to the UP.

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