There have been years with not much snow for the cardboard sled race, but there's never been a Festivus like this. Regardless, the festivities will continue.

Seinfeld fans know Festivus as the secular December holiday that is meant to contrast the commercialism of what Christmas has become. In Battle Creek, Festivus is an outdoor Winter event held every February at Leila Arboretum. This year's event is being advertised as "WORST Festivus Ever." There are some changes and restrictions, but the show must go on!

A highlight of Festivus is the cardboard sled races, with some homemade creations even holding together to the finish line. (I'm told terrifying speeds of 7 mph have been recorded.) The beer tent is popular too as a nice warm up on a cold Winter afternoon. This year, only one of those two things will be happening. There will be no food or drink served at this year's event. Cardboard sled racing will be live, though on the hillside at Leila Arboretum. Virtual entries are also being accepted for sled design and are eligible to win one of these categories:

  1. Most Creative
  2. Stachetastic (Most Moustache themed)
  3. Leilia's Choice (Best Children's theme)
  4. People's Choice
  5. Best Cardboard Sled building tutorial video

The moustache is a thing because the event was created by BCMAMS- Battle Creek Metropolitan Area Moustache Society, a volunteer-based non-profit organization focused on raising money for local people or organizations in need, through coordinating and organizing fun events at local establishments or venues. Besides Festivus, the group also organizes an annual raft race and the Leilapalooza Music Festival. We're hoping things are a little more back to normal later in the year when these events roll around.

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