Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, Edna from The Incredibles actually discourages heroes from wearing capes.

But heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and with different motives. Clearly, one fan at a couple recent Battle Jacks games has his priorities straight, and is the hero we all need.

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When watching baseball, sometimes the most entertaining part of the game can be the people in the stands. You get the manic fans who show up in costumes and face paint; The Casual fan who will just wear the team's merch; and then you have the people who are just there for the attention.

This guy at a couple recent Battle Jacks games falls in the latter of the three categories, and has a heck of a platform to preach.

People with signs get ALL the attention, especially one like this...

Yeah... agreed my guy. All the haters can disagree all they want, but there's no denying NIckelback rules.

According to a post from the Battle Jacks, this fan has shown up to at least two games with the sign, seemingly completely unrelated to the game. But if you ask me, there's never a bad time to talk about how great a band Nickelback really is.

Some fans were on board with his statement.

"Give him free season tickets and unlimited concessions" - Dustin

"I can disagree with this guy and still respect him." - Jason

"He spitting straight facts tho!" - Nick

Others, though, were not so keen on his taste, but still got in on the fun.

"Straight to jail... (not because he is holding a sign, but what is written on it)." - Colleen

"He also likes the Macarena." - Tim

"One day he will wake up and realize his sign should say RUSH was a great band... and there is no other." - John

Now, while John isn't wrong about Rush being amazing, I still stand by this anonymous hero who has the guts to state his case publicly. Good for you Nickelback Guy!

Maybe if we tag the band enough in this, they might take notice and pop in for a game?

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