I don't know how I missed this but there is an entire skate park and skate shop inside Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek. I guess with so many stores closing in the mall, it may have worked to benefit the owners of Battleground Skate Park, who have their own shop directly connected to the park, which itself is a non-profit youth center. There are no owners. It's run by a board of volunteer directors and the shop sales help to support keeping the park open but no one makes any profit.

The state of malls across the United States hung in the balance during the pandemic, but this seems like an excellent use of all that open space. Recently, a professional droneographer, Patman Droneography captured some amazing footage of the park:

This right here is really cool! A skate park right in Lakeview Square Mall! On top of that, Battleground Skate House does some pretty amazing things for the youth of our community.

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Their website covers who is welcome to join their park, and it's not just skateboarders:

At Calhoun County's only indoor skate park, we welcome all kinds of wheels including skateboards, BMX bikes, scooters, and in-line skates. On occasion, we have had roller derby girls on classic four-wheeled skates, wheelchairs and even a unicycle once. Because we have some amazingly talented young riders, Battleground is available for all ages. Some of the older, more experienced riders are doing tricks with considerable speed and force, so park managers watch beginners carefully to determine if they are aware enough to be safe (Right when we open on weekdays and Saturday mornings are great times for parents to bring younger kids to learn.).

The footage above was captured on a DJI Avata Drone. More info on the park is one their site as well.

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