In fact, they may already be here.

Spooky season is upon us and for my Halloween obsessed friends that means it's time to decorate. But, it's 2020. We can't just have the usual decorations. We have to step it up a notch.

Introducing the TWELVE foot skeleton yard decoration sold by Home Depot. Twelve. Feet. I'm dying.

Measuring six feet wide, this bad boy will take you about an hour to put together. That's assuming you have help. It requires batteries to power the realistic LED eyes that appear to look directly at you and will absolutely haunt your dreams.

Giant Skeleton Eyes Home Depot Web

And it'll only cost you about $300. IF you can find it. Sad to say, I searched our local stores and it is sold out both in store and online. So, don't be surprised if you spot your neighbors attempting to assemble this massive decoration in their yard sometime before Halloween. I AM disappointed that the visual of Michiganders driving around with this gargantuan lawn ornament strapped to their cars as they navigate the nightmare of getting it home is no longer possible....but, for reference, it would look something like this.

If you find yourself desperate to add this to your spooky aesthetic you CAN find it on Ebay...if you want to spend $900. Unfortunately, I have no doubt that someone would be willing to spend that which leads me to ask - who in Kalamazoo has acquired this ridiculous decoration? I want to see it in person! No judgement....okay maybe a little judgement. Who spends $900 on a skeleton??

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