Bed Bath & Beyond is planning to close more than 50 stores around the country this year including five right here in Michigan.

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Earlier this month the company announced it was planning to lay off 20% of its workforce.

After announcing their turnaround plans, Chief Financial Officer Gustavo Arnal died by suicide. That just added more uncertainty to the future of Bed Bath & Beyond. Things aren't looking good for Bed Bath & Beyond.

Is the Flint Bed Bath & Beyond Store Closing?

Surprisingly, no. I'm really shocked that this location isn't closing. Every time that I go into the store, it has an apocalyptic vibe about it. When you go in and look around, you notice right away that many of the shelves and racks are empty and have been for years. It just feels like they're going to announce that they're closing at any moment.

It may feel like the Flint store is about to close but as you'll notice on the list below, their name is missing. I guess they made it through this round of cuts.

The Michigan locations set to close include:

  • Chesterfield: 50551 Waterside Drive
  • Farmington Hills: 31075 Orchard Lake Road
  • Northville Township: 17223 Haggerty Road
  • Walker: 3410 Alpine Ave. NW
  • White Lake Township: 9050 Highland Road

Bed Bath & Beyond was founded in New Jersey in 1971 by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein. At the time, the two called the store Bed 'n Bath. As the company grew, the name was changed to Bed Bath and Beyond in 1987.

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