A press release from Bell's Brewing is always a perfect way to warm a cold January afternoon.

Since it's almost a state holiday, let's start with Oberon Day. This year, it's Monday, March 25th. Plan your PTO accordingly. Oberon Mini-kegs will also sport a new graphic design, this summer.

Some of the other items in the release have already happened, such as the early January release of Hopslam, followed by "'Larry’s Latest Flamingo Fruit Fight', a new tart Fruit Ale brewed with passionfruit and lime zest."

In February, Bell's Official returns. The "Hazy IPA" is Bell’s newest year-round offering.

Here's another biggie: Beginning in July, Bell's says Double Two Hearted will be out in bottles for the first time. Double Two Hearted is a double IPA variation of Bell's flagship beer, Two Hearted Ale.

Bell's founder Larry Bell also promises a new series of beers akin to the Planets Series from several years ago.“A few years ago we debuted The Planets Series, beers inspired by the work of Gustav Holst. This year, we’re going to introduce a new series inspired by the arts, but this time a little closer to home,” says Bell. “Our Leaves of Grass series will kick off later this year.”



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