It's like a once in a lifetime day today. 2-22-22 is the special palindromic date, and I screwed up. I want to apologize to all local beer drinkers, and mostly, to one of craft beers' patron saints, Larry Bell.

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Given today's date, if I'd been in front of a microphone in 1980, I might have said "Go team!" rather than "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" (That historic event happened on this date 42 years ago tonight.)

If you've gotten this far into this story, you may be feeling a bit (dazed and) confused. "What's he talking about?"

At the end of our show each day, we wrap up with a bit on "what we learned today", and I knew that I wanted to say something about today being 2-22-22 and tie a beer into it, and the first thought that hopped (pun intended) into my mind was Dos Equis, because of the connection to the "dos equis", which roughly translates to "two equis".

And no sooner than the words popped out of the my mouth, an email poured in from a loyal listener berating me for what I'd said. The subject line prepared me for grief: HOW DARE YOU" in capital letters, followed by "The official beer of today is: TWO HEARTED!!! Not Dos Equis… Drink Local, Benson. Drink Local."

The listener is right. I was wrong. If I'd spent a few more minutes thinking about it, I'd have remembered what "the best beer in the country" has been for how many of the past five years. So on this special double deuce day, let's celebrate our lives and the great beer here. And I'll atone for my mistake by taking my son out for a birthday beer. "Bartender, two Two Hearteds for the two of us, please."

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