It's the final month of summer, which if you believe some surveys, hasn't lived up to many people's expectations. But the brewmasters at Bell's have something new for you to try. It's a new wheat beer named Rind over Matter.

Bell's describes Rind of Matter this way:

“The first thing you are going to notice is this beautiful light color followed by very expressive notes of lemon and orange. People are going to love this, especially those looking for an alternative while Oberon is away for the winter.” - Andy Farrell, Bell's Brewing Innovation Manager.

More to the point, Bell's founder Larry Bell says, "One of the things we do really well is wheat beers. People have always been drawn to that style, they are very popular and approachable. It made sense for us to lean into that more and give our fans and customers a wide range of choices throughout the year.

Essentially, Rind over Matter is for the time of the year Oberon isn't available. It clocks in at 5% ABV.

Bonus Beer News

Uberon, Oberon's bourbon barrel-flavored sibling is coming out in bottles at the beginning of September. This is the first time Uberon, a bourbon barrel-aged version of Oberon will ship in 12 oz bottles, and will be sold in 4-packs. It comes with quite a wallop, at 11.3% ABV. Uberon will begin selling at Bell's General Store on September, and should be available in stores about the same time.

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