Nothing says "Pure Michigan" quite like a holiday blizzard!

It's been a rough start to winter and it only just technically began. Bundle up because we've got a long, cold season ahead of us. And if you're someone who actually likes winter in Michigan-- well good for you!

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I am not someone who is particularly fond of the winter time, especially in west Michigan. That's why I thought it was important to remind folks who share the same sentiments as me that living through Michigan winter isn't as terrible as it's cracked up to be. Seriously!

I was born and raised in west Michigan, but have spent the last seven years moving across the Midwest to states like Nebraska and Missouri. Let me just say, their winters are wildly different than ours.

Nebraska winters bring bitter, biting cold thanks to high winds which also create massive snow drifts. You'll see grass poking through the snow on one side of the street and a massive snow mound on the other side. Missouri winters are short and mild, but they get a lot of ice. Now, I don't mind driving in snow but driving in ice...that's a completely different story.

After some careful thinking, I easily came up with a handful of reasons to love the aptly nicknamed "Mitten" during this time of year-- lake effect snow and all! Surely there are more than seven of them, but here is a reminder in case you forgot why we love Pure Michigan no matter the season:

It Turns Out Living in the Mitten During Winter Isn't All That Bad!

Believe it or not, there are actually some benefits to experiencing West Michigan winters!

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