There's a lot of Michigan Celebrities you might spot at a game once in a while. It's well documented that Jeff Daniels and Eminem are both die-hard Lions fans (among many other Michiganders), and while they might not openly admit it now, Steve Yeun and Martin Lawrence are both big fans of the Detroit Pistons.

But when it comes to Baseball, and the Detroit Tigers, J.K. Simmons seems to be the biggest fan in the Michigan celebrity world, and can often be spotted in the stands taking in a game. But recently, he was caught repping another team's colors and logo while watching the Tigers, and they're a West Michigan staple.

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While taking in an Angels Game the other day. Simmons was spotted in the stands by the cameras, and of course when the national broadcast catches a celebrity in the stands during a tough game to watch, they'll do about anything to create some kind of talking point.

So, the cameras zoomed in on Simmons, who was rocking a Project Rock sweatshirt, and a baseball cap, but that cap didn't have the Old English "D" of the Detroit Tigers, but rather the blue wave mascot of the West Michigan Whitecaps!

Yep, even as a massive Tigers fan, it seems Simmons is a fan of ALL things baseball in Michigan, and even reps the "minor" guys in west Michigan as well.

To my knowledge, nobody has openly documented a J.K. Simmons sighting at a Whitecaps game, but that's not to say he wasn't there incognito, or people just respected his privacy enough to let him be and enjoy a baseball game.

But yeah, it appears Simmons, who is known for his voice work in the Amazon Prime series "Invincible," and of course SO many beloved TV and movie roles like J. Jonah Jameson in multiple Spider-Man movies, is simply a fan of most, if not all things Michigan. It makes sense, too, because he's from Grosse Pointe.

As mentioned before, though, Simmons could quite possibly be the biggest celebrity fan of the Tigers, even following the team when he's overseas, as indicated from this interview with Fox Sports from a few years ago.

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