We have some construction going on in our building at work, and it's forced some people to move and in my case, to have to dump stuff into my office from my other workplaces. (the on-air studio, the bin in it, a recording studio.) So there are some memorabilia in search of a place to be put. And that search makes you realize how quickly time flies.

There's a set of photographs in a frame taken by our former boss, Ed Sackley. Do you remember Mujibur and Sirajul from David Letterman's Late Show? The intrepid world-traveler, Sackley brought some of our stuff, and the two were kind enough to pose for pictures with it on. (I did some googling about them and I'm not exactly sure what happened to them. The souvenir shop they worked at was to close in 2003 and there's not much more about them after that.

I found a box of old WKMI music surveys from 1975.  The number one song that week was Run Joey Run by David Geddes. (say it with me, a medley of his hit) Among the hit bound songs was future number one Miracles by Jefferson Starship. But it's the photo on the other side. My late friend, Bill Anthony. We lost Bill a few years back. He was one of the good guys.

Townsquare Media Archives
Townsquare Media Archives

Along my desktop is a plaque from the MDA for helping them out, which I was always glad to do, but there's a picture of Jerry Lewis on it. How long as Lewis been gone? Next to it is a record company plaque for playing Mariah Carey's We Belong Together. I was thinking that was from the 90's, but it's actually from 2005. But across the office is a poster from Led Zeppelin with the airplane. That's got to be at least from 50 years ago. Along the wall are also posters from Pink Floyd and Kiss (but I can show them to you, due to copyright laws.)

And old technology. I'm staring at an early Flip video camera. It took good video back in its day, but my phone can do circles around it now.

Looking at the other corner, oh, here's a relic. A Windows XP computer. (The software works and the writers never update it.)

So, as we hope for a better 2022, I'm just digesting 2021 and before.

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