Before every American family had a television in every room of the house, the radio was the main entertainment. Families would gather around and listen to their favorite ongoing radio sagas. From family-friendly Little Orphan Annie, to the nail-biting Adventures of Philip Marlowe, these shows would crackle to life, like magic, through the speakers. All Ears Theatre in Kalamazoo keeps this tradition alive, as they offer 12 free performances each year where actors, musicians, and foley artists take the stage at the first Baptist Church in Kalamazoo and perform live for a performance later broadcast on 102.1 WMUK. If you've always wanted to be part of this entertainment tradition, now's your chance! All Ears Theatre is holding open auditions for their next three shows; Sherlock Holmes and The Red-Headed LeagueThe Ugly Duckling, and Ira Park, Detective and His Hawaiian Mystery Adventure. All actors must be 18 or older, and scripts will be provided at the time of auditions.

Here's what you need to know about All Ears Theatre open auditions:

Bonus Video: Old Time 1930s Radio Programs and How They Were Created

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