French Fries may be the pinnacle of snack foods. Let's just take a moment to observe how awesome they are. There are so many different kinds that you can find from the shape to the kinds of potatoes used to make them, even to the way that they are made which separates the elite from the mediocre. But where are your go-to spots for the best french fries? There are too many places I've experienced where I thought, "Okay, I need to take about a pound of these home." They really are dangerous.

A few weeks back it was National French Fry Day, but, every day is National French Fry Day if you want it to be. But in the spirit of the fake American gluttonous holiday, I figured why not collect other people's thoughts on where they like to go to chow on some fries around Kalamazoo? Even though it pained people, there were some national businesses located locally that made the list:

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Surprising Answers

These were a few that caught us a little off guard:

  • Burger Brothers used to when they were still around...but now, I say Rollup Ice Cream & Tea does. -Zu Zu 
  • Geno's Pizza.- Devin (A pizza place with great fries? Hmmm. I like it)

Staying Local

There were some go-to local spots that made the list:

  • Lake burger has good truffle fries but Penn station has the best hand-cut fries. -Lori
  • McGonigle's Restaurants. -Kelly
  • Nonla Burger. -Maya
  • Burger Boss On Riverview. -Randy
  • Theo and Stacy’s with cucumber sauce. -Steven
  • Coney Island. - John, Chris, Jim
  • HopCat!!! Their cosmic fries are FIRE- Jen
  • Brewster, they're beer battered and delicious. -Melissa

National Success

I guess there's a reason they're so popular:

  • McDonalds.- Chaz
  • Penn Station is my fav Checkers a close second. -Makayla
  • Red Robins. -Connie

Let us know where your favorite spots are here.

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