When the weather turns cold and the snow piles up, it's time to break out the sleds. Here are the best hills for sledding in Battle Creek.

A discussion of the best sledding hills turned up on the You Know You're From Battle Creek Facebook Group.

Riverside Country Club

Shown in the photo above, the Riverside Country Club, located along Columbia Avenue offers a steep hill and an unparalleled view of downtown while sledding.

McCrea Park

McCrea Park includes a large sledding hill below the city's water towers. The hill is known as Coburn Hill which gave its name to the nearby elementary school. The park is located off of Goguac Street.

Piper Park

Located off of Capital Avenue, Piper Park offers the best sledding closest to downtown Battle Creek.

Leila Arboretum

The large forest within a city, Leida Arboretum is famous in winter for its sledding opportunities.

Riverside Park

Located at the corner of Golden Avenue and Riverside Drive, Riverside Park, which is an extension of the grounds of Riverside Elementary, features a hill some in the neighborhood use for sledding.

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