Fall is easily the seasonal fruit of Michigan, as all things apple are in the spotlight. Everything from Apple Pie, to apple cider and orchards are always being talked about and visited over the holiday season, and there's no surprise here that they're so popular. So much so that we have two GIANT apples in Michigan. One is located on the roof of Blake's Big Apple in Armada at 71421 North Ave. L. Stew commented on the apple and even pointing out why apples are so popular in Armada with a little bit of history as well:

Great big (fiberglass?) apple, perched atop the aptly named Blake's Big Apple, in the heart of Armada's apple country! Armada is also home to the Applefest, the Armada Fair, a Great Big Rock covered in vandalism in the town park, Achatz' World Famous pie factory, and many other apple orchards! The town is the birthplace as well as the final resting place for the Union Army sharpshooter who fatally wounded Confederate General Jeb Stuart!

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The other big apple, probably more well known is in Grand Rapids at Robinette's Apple Haus & Gift Barn at 3142 4 Mile Rd NE. This is an orchard that has tons of history, and again, features possibly an even bigger apple in front of the store.

Robinette’s history goes back over 100 years. The family bought the farm in 1911; at the time, it was primarily a peach farm. In 1973, what started as a produce-growing farm grew into our Apple Haus. We wanted to serve the public by providing them with the freshest baked goods and produce, as well as many other tasty treats. The Apple Haus houses the bakery, lunch counter and eating area, cider mill, home-grown fresh fruits and more.

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