If you are not 21 years of age, this post is not for you. I am in no way shape or form condoning underage drinking.

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I am just sharing a trip down memory lane with those of you who are well over the legal drinking age. Those of you who remember drinking at field parties and sitting around a dining room table bouncing quarters at a friend's house whose parents just so happened to be out of town. This is for you.

Earlier this week drinking games were brought up in conversation during a work meeting (radio meetings are cool). Everyone at the meeting began shouting out different drinking games - some I have played many times, some not at all.

The topic made me think back to games that I did play back in the day, and have not played for countless years. Just how long ago was it you ask? Let's just say my hair was so big it touched ceilings, that is how long ago.

I know there are a lot more old school drinking games than just my top five, so please - if you are an authority on one or more that I missed, please share your wisdom with the class (and by class I mean those of us 21 years of age and up).

Theme parties are all the rage these days, maybe I should grab a keg and a varsity jacket and throw a blast from the past field party? Or maybe I should plan a massive Thumper tournament? If you don't remember Thumper, we can't be friends.

In no particular order, here is my list (with videos) of 5 back in the day drinking games.






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