There were so many great things about being a kid in the 80s.  Styling Side Pony-Tails and big bangs.  Wearing Jelly Shoes and slap bracelets.  Recording your favorite songs straight from the radio.  Watching Saturday morning cartoons (don't get me started).

And Pizza Huts' Book It! Program.

The beginning of every school year was marked with receiving a brand new, shiny,  Book It! pin, and every book read earned a gold star to affix to it.  Proudly.  Of course, once the pin was full of stars, you took that pin right in to a Pizza Hut and got yourself a free personal pan pizza.  The server brought it to the table and you thought, "Dig in, you good student, you.  You deserve it."

Praise to Pizza Hut for not only celebrating 30 years of the program, but they're inviting "alumni" to get back in the game.  So sign up, grab a book, and let pizza bribery be your guide back in to the world of reading.

Not sure what to read?  Drop by your local library, phone a friend, or read my latest book review for a little inspiration