Michigan looks good under the glow of the Aurora Borealis. Watch these 3 dazzling time-lapse videos.

The Northern Lights were expected to be visible in Michigan over the long Labor Day weekend and these radiant videos show you what you may have missed as Mother Nature put on a light show.

We're not sure where in Michigan this first video was shot, or who exactly positioned the camera as Finnegan, the YouTube host, is a dog and presumably does not have opposable thumbs.

Keweenaw provided an illuminating view and a Lake Superior look of the sky show on August 31, captured here by Two Bridges North.

Our third look is a look back east over Lake Michigan from Dorr County, Wisconsin on September 1st.

Despite the fact that Michigan is on the northern border of the United States, northern lights are not very common. The last time we had remarkable pictures was September 10 & 11 of 2018. It's worth a click and a quick trip back in time to see the show the Aurora Borealis put on the Mighty Mac in 2016.

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