The next time you are heading East on I-94 to Ann Arbor or Detroit, make a stop in Jackson to play retro video games, classic and new pinball machines at Tilted Arcade Bar.

I can't tell you when pinball started to become popular again because I've been a fan all my life. Some kids play catch with their dads in the back yard, we played pinball. I'd much rather use quarters for 3 balls per game than a load of laundry. More antique than Atari, pinball may have been at its most popular back in the day when kids cruised the streets- think American Graffiti or the Fonz playing pinball on Happy Days. Now, on the main drag in Jackson, Tilted Arcade Bar is riding the wave of the resurgence of pinball.

Rock bands are all in too. Just like Elton John had his own Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy machine in the 70s, classic rock bands are licensing their images to games today. At Tilted, you can play AC/DC, Iron Maiden, or Aerosmith. I've played Metallica, Kiss, and (naturally) The Who's Tommy at The Pyramid Scheme and/or Klassic Arcade.

Tilted has 20+ pinball machines, pool tables and retro console classics like Pac Man, Galaga, Mario Bros. and more. A full bar is available and a small menu of munchies like pretzels, nachos, tacos and gyros Closed Monday, Tilted usually opens at 4pm and is 21+ after 9pm.

Have fun and look for my name on the high score board!

Tilted Arcade Bar

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